The Out & Loud Pune International Queer Film Festival, powered by MIST, is an annual event showcasing handpicked queer films from the world over. What’s more!? The festival promises an amazing line-up of performances and thought provoking panel discussions. Besides coming together for the love of art and cinema, the festival will also be an open platform for the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer) to voice their concerns in a social-friendly environment. The very first event takes place in April 2017, in Pune, Maharashtra; and is open to all type of audiences.

Mist is a 7-year-old LGBTQ collective. Started in Bengaluru in 2010, it now has members in Pune and Hyderabad as well. Mist organizes events in various cities in collaboration with local groups. It also has a vibrant online presence supporting its events on the ground.

Mist aims to bring the queer and ally people together as well as build a strong community from within. It is a space to share your talents, to learn from each other and to be part of a larger family.

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